The kite and wind does the work, the horizon is where the camera looks, and point is for Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA

It's an interesting way to get aerial pictures at low cost, and closer and lower than a helicopter can.

This page has my links to aerial photography, kites, and cameras. .

It will take a while to build up this site with my aerial pictures.
You might see some of them on my train and industrial history hobby web page, Bruces Railroad Pictures

Kite Spring Tension Limiting Control to tame a kite in gusty winds.

Here's a Flickr picture site that showcases kite aerial photos from around the world, K A P

a great discussion page of methods to put a camera under a kite, Chris Benton's forum Notes on Kite Aerial Photography (2013)

Craig Wilson's site from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. He is the author of 'Hanging by a Thread', a picture book of many great kite aerial scenes around Wisconsin.

Great Plains Aerial Photography 2005 good info on KAP, kites, pictures in the central plains.

Intellicast weather forecasts and in the site are two day wind forecasts. Easiest way to view wind WAS link through KAPer link above. Also fairly fast to use surface/national/forecasts/winds to get same wind picture forecast. and note iNav quick nav shows on any page except their home page.

NOAA weather choose region, click on map for local forecast, then find the tab on lower right called Additional Forecasts & Information, and click the link for Hourly Weather Graph. Three day prediction. 2007

Wunderground wind speed

Sun and Moon Data for one day (2007)

Brooxes Kite and helpful knot and hardware pages.(2005)

North Carolina commercial photography by 40 foot pole and tripod and kite, Elevated Pic (2006)

Eagle Eye Photgraphy Aerial Blimp Photog Minnesota (2006)

And in 2008, there was a gyro-kite line-less remote control for low-wind days, , starting at $175 without the camera. Compare the price to just a kite. also has kite surfing and skiing, links, the home page takes time to load videos. (2007)

Fun With Wind store, (good Rok 2005, good sled 2007)

An easy way to measure distances,
. . .The width of your index finger is 1/100 radians, if you extend your hand.
. . . ..A most accurate measurestick is multi-story houses. If three floors are one fingerwidth high, you are exactly one kilometer away.
. . . . . . . . . In the kapping world: If the width of my 1.5 meter kite is a half fingerwidth, I am at 300 meters.
. . .the sun moves by its diameter every 2 minutes.

Cloud types,

breaking into the wunderground Wisconsin weather page link,
Wisconsin local cities weather current conditions report

Stevens Point area weather station has cloud height report and links to some stations also listed below

Wisconsin Rapids and area stations and a little radar map. A fast site.

Plover weather coop

Stevens point Wisconsin airport

stevens point south of RR depot (suspect wind average is low)

Blenker County S Mead Flowage with a very good anemometer

Rome / Nekoosa Wisconsin weather

Pittsville DOT weather, looks better in 2010, started 2008?

Wausau Wisconsin

Abbotsford or 3 mi east of there


New London , un-filtered?

Stanley Wisconsin USA


Ludington Michigan

Great Lakes Marine Forcast

Plover Weather Wisconsin, USA

with sky camera and a nice collection of sattelite and radar and local weather.


and try these links to wind pages:
Windcast for Midwest US
wind forcast Menominee Mich for Wisconsin
Midwest current wind but not windcast

this is a good station:
Raw's Rome / Nekoosa / 13 and 10 mile avenue

wind links

Noa weather,

to my web site of my railroad hobby pictures, on the TrainWeb site, Bruce's RailRoad Pictures

Send e - mail to pure 20 est 33 at charter dot net and push it all together to make an address.

This page was wrote in December 2014 after the nexGN site quit and I started over with their replacement,